by Ravikanth

QHHT Session: –

​​First QHHT Session Price $300.

And 2nd time session with the keywords to the $150.

Note:- Price will be charged only for the session. It does not depend on the type of the disease or severity.

Contact Details :-

Phone    :  +91 9642591262, +91 9866614909 (Hyderabad),

                 +91 8074475822 (Vizag)

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Address :-

Flat No 202, New MIG : 4668,
Road No: 16, Viduth Nagar,
India. PIN : 502032

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Frequently asked Questions

Here you can find some frequently asked questions and answers. Please check and if you still have any questions you can feel free to contact us through phone or email.

How many sessions will take to heal my problem?

Normally for all the people it will take only 1 session.If their subconscious suggested to do more session for that, accordingly we will follow.

Is it possible to for every one to go into trance?

Going into trance state is a natural state. Normally every one will go to lighter level of trances when they are watching and doing work in office. So everybody can go into trance. But the level of deepness vary from person to person.

Is it possible to get instant healing for my problem?

There is a chance to heal instant also. Lot of people already experienced it. But it ill depends on lot of factors. Do not come to session with any kind of expectation. Come will complete belief. Remaining your subconscious will take care how you required. Their subconscious only will explain it clearly.

There is no medicine for my problem. Is it possible to heal through this process?

Yes, there is a definitely a hope here. Why because, here we are connecting with highly powerful divine power. We are calling it as subconscious. There are no limitations for subconscious. Contact us with positive hope.

Is it possible to heal me through surrogate session?

If that person himself take the session, that is very best what of healing. If in some cases it is not possible, then we can heal through his family member. The last priority is healing through unknown person. But healing can happy any of the above ways. But the recovery rate will be vary, according to the relation between them.