How To Prepare For QHHT Session

How To Prepare For QHHT Session

by Ravikanth
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How to Prepare for the Session (Healing Therapy):-

Prepare a list of questions (around 30) you would like to get answers from your Higher Self (typed or neatly written). Please limit questions to a maximum of 5 to 10 per category. The answers flow smoothly through the session when you put them in this order and give the priority to your questions: (Below are some examples)

Life/Spiritual questions:-  (purpose of this  life, going path, etc.)
What is my purpose in life?

Am I going in the right direction?
What can I do to move in more purposeful direction/spiritual path/career?
I had something happen in my life. What might be the reason for that? 

Write some questions related to strange dreams, regularly coming dreams, unforgetable dreams? You must have some connection with these kind of dreams.

If you have any kind of strange or miracle experience write a question on it. What was it, and why did it happen?

Relationship questions:-

What is the relation with my spouse/parents/children/best friends in my past lives?

Is there any reason for that in past life to have a very bad/good relation with some person? Why?
How can that relation be healed or how can it be changed?

Career questions:-
What kind of career suitable to me job or business?

Which business is better for me this or that?

I don’t like my job right now I am working? Why?  should I quit or wait?
What can I do to get promotion or good job in another company?

Health-related questions:-
Why do I have this disease/allergy/illness?

How much time it will take to complete cure?
Why can’t I lose my weight?

What kind of diet I need to follow during the healing?

Can I stop the medication immediately or gradually?

Prepare your mind/yourself to have a great session
Your intention to have a great session is key! Once you’ve made the decision to take a session, your subconscious begins preparing you by opening up the energy ports in you to readily communicate. Thoughts and energy will automatically begin to flow with in you to prepare for this session. However, your conscious mind needs to be reminded that “it will be taking a back seat in this wonderful  session.

Preparation from the 5 days before the session:-

1) Write this affirmation “I have clear and direct communication with my Subconscious.” on the big paper and stick a paper to the wall of the living room or bed room. See this and repeat this affirmation as many times in a day.

2)  Daily morning and night prepare your subconscious. Just say outside to your subconscious/your god “I will have a QHHT session on next Monday at 11AM. Please heal all my diseases and give best output from that session.”

3) Limit your use of caffeine. That will help you easily to enter into that beautiful state of relaxation.
4)  Practice meditation on concentrating on the breath just for minimum 10 mins daily. Or just practice relaxing your total body and enjoy the feeling. It will helps you in the day of your session.
5) Practice better visualization: Just close your eyes and try to imazine the things, daily seens, sittuation happenig in your daily life.

Preparation for the session on the day or 1 day before:-

1) Don’t take alcohol on the day or before the day of the session. 

2) Limit or don’t take Caffeine/Smoking. These substance may change the state of awareness. 

3)You should eat well but light food before we start the session. Session will take 4-5 hours long.

4)You may bring some snacks to take after the session. You will need to ground yourself after the healing in the session.
5)Do meditation in the morning or walking/listening to music/petting your pets to bring relaxation to you. 

6) Do not take any pills to relax you.

7) Ware comfortable dress like light, loose fitting cloths to lay on the bed comfortable.

8) Get a good sleep at the night before the day of the session.

9) Don’t put busy works before or after the session.
10) Don’t put any expectation high/low. We are living in goal oriented society. We will  set goals and work for the results. This does NOT work with QHHT. Qhht session is a unique experience to each and every one. Your subconscious will show you exactly what you need to know at this time in your life.

11)Clarify all your doubts before the session and take the session with full faith and belief in the process. 

1 week  after  the session:-

  1. Listen the complete recording for first 2 days after the session and note some points.
  2. Listen the subconscious part only for at least 3 days. Try to implement the suggestions given by your subconscious immediately.
  3. Listen the only healing part for 1 week or more depends on the seviarity of the disease.
  4. The vibration of subconscious is also recorded in the recording. So anytime you listen the recording the same healing will happen every time.
  5. Try to visual & feel the healing that is happening in your body.
  6.  Normally  listen the recording before sleep. 
  7.  First 3 days are important. The connection with your subconscious will remain open. Subconscious may communicate with your through your dreams.
  8. Some times the 2 hours main session time is not sufficient to get all the information. You may get messages from the universe in the next 3 days. Pay attention in day also. I don’t what your to miss the messages