QHHT Session

QHHT Session

by Ravikanth

QHHT Session

  • Interview
  • Past Life Regression
  • Subconscious & Healing
  • Post Session Discssion

About QHHT Session

 QhhtSession will take around 4 to 5 hours approximately. Mainly it is divided into 3 parts.

Interview: – Before coming to the session client need to write some questions around 30-40. In this part of the session the client will sit with me and I will ask the client some questions about his child hood, important persons in his life and important situation in this life, about his health condition and all. I will discuss the questions he already wrote before coming here. Why because it is very important to know all these things to give maximum output from this session. When the client is in trance state I will be the only person to get the all the answer from his subconscious.

Main Session:-This is the main part of the qhhtsession. Client will go under trance stage and get the appropriate past lives according the questions he wrote. This is a very safe and completely protected throughout the session. The client may get some answers from his past lives. After that I will access the subconscious and get all the answers from it. And healing will also be happened to the client now only. Here he may get the root cause of the problem if any. Finally the client may get a message from his subconscious.

Post Session:- Most of the clients did not remember anything after qhht session. He will feel like completely wonderful good sleep. Some people can remember bits and pieces. Very few people will remember all like a dream. Whatever it may be we will discuss the total session what had happened in the session and all. I will give an audio/video recording of the client to listen the recording. It is very important that the client has to listen his healing recording for few days for quicker healing