by Ravikanth

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Qhht session for children

I am syam. We were trying for children from the last 8 years. We went to so many doctors & and tried all the other ways and spend lakhs of money. But no use. My wife went to so much depression. Finally we came to know about QHHT through one of my Delhi friend. We met Ravikanth garu for the session. My wife took QHHT session. In that session Higher conscious did all the healing to my wife and she got pregnancy after 3 months and we blessed with girl baby last month. My wife came out from depression. Our one & only dream became true.  My sincere thanks to Mr. Ravikanth garu from the depth of my heart.

4th stage cancer patient testimonial

I am Vijaya. I have my own web devolopment company. All of a sudden my mother got cancer. We went to a big hospital in Hyderabad. Doctors told that she can’t take kemo therapy and her body will not support. My mother not able to tolerate her body pains. Our entire family lost all the hopes. Then I took QHHT session and did surrogate haling to my mother. I took 2 sessions to heal my mother. This was a really miracle to our family. My mother recovered a lot.   Thank you Ravikanth.

Praveen testimonial about his wife recovery from Kidney Problem :-


18 Years Back Pain healed completely

15 Years Knee pains healed

My Father got healing and recovered

​Bhrma Reddy (Supervisor in BHEL Company)

I am normal employee like most of you. I too have suffering health problems, financial problems, always thinking about my daughter marriage and finally my son’s IIT seat.I got all the solutions for my physical, financial, spiritual, family problems. In next 2 months I am financially free. Before next year Ugadi my daughter’s marriage will complete. And this year my son will get IIT seat. I am very much happy after this session. I went to Potuluri Veera Bramendra Swami garu time. I was one of the folloer of him. My name is veerayya at that time. I explained important seen in my life. In that I explained about jeeva samaadhi of Brammaam garu. I got very excited after the session by knowing about this. I am completely speech less.



Before the session I have lot of leg pain due to that wound on my leg. I had pain from the last many days. But after the session inside that wound, the flesh is completely healed and new flesh formed. You can see the pictures before and after the session. I don’t have any pain immediately after the session. This is really awesome experience to me. I can’t explain my feeling. Every one has to feel the experience this feeling after their own session.They said the scratch will disappear after 1 week. I am so much happy by seeing this. I am 100% satisfied.  I started suggesting this treatment to all of my friends and relatives. QHHT is amazing miraculous healing happened to me in front of my eyes.



I used to suffer from my back pain due to crack in that, heavy weight, keens pain. My body is completely healed. And SC said some diet to me to loose my wight. They said one medicine to my knee pains also. Most of the time I was feeling that I had a nerves weakness. My Subconscious said that it was just my feeling. I did not have any nerves weakness. They said they removed my feeling from my mind. Now I am not feeling like that. a Now I am following that. Check my video also. Previously I did not get sleep early after getting to my bed at nights. But now I am getting sleep less than 5 mins only. The last one is excellent feeling for me at nights. I am completely happy with the session by Ravikanthh garu.

Srinivas (Wholesale shop owner at KPHB Reitu Bazzar)

I am 45 years old. I used to smoke and drink alcohol. I took session from Ravikanth garu. Actually in my heart 2 big nerves got blocked and 3 stones in my kidneys, and lungs got damaged and  I have eye site also. To cure all these problems through hospitals I need around 15Lakhs and I need to take 2 bypass surgeries and lot of pain, tension to my family and take medicines for few months and finally need rest for few months. But with out all these thing I got completely in 5 hours qhht session. No one can measure this therapy with money. It is a cores worth therapy. I strongly believe that this therapy can cure problems which can’t be cure in hospitals. This is an extra ordinary therapy. I highly recommend to everyone at least one time.

Srikanth (BTech Student)

My age is 24. I have a love problem and financial problem in this present life. I am from a poor family. I came to Raviakathh garu and took a session from him. I got solution for my love problem and financial problem. After the session I am very much excited. I met my lover in my past life. In that life our love story had a tragedy ending. At the end of that life I prayed the god to give me rebirth to marry her.In this life I dont want to miss her. This session gave me confidence in my love. There is no other method in the world to know all these things clearly.I never forget Ravikanth garu in my life. Thank you Ravikanth garu.


Ravikanthh garu is my friend’s husband. I took the session from him to know aboout my past life.  I am single(not married). In the session I went to only one past life. There I was a farmer(man). I loved a girl called Radha, she was my friend’s sister. I got married with that same lady only. I have cows and some agriculture land. I have a very common normal life there. And I have also normal life now also. Actually I did not have any health issues. I did not ask any healing also. So subconscious did not come. My purpose of the session got fulfilled


I have take session 2 times. First time I took session for my personal problem. At that time Higher Self did not come. No healing is done. But I got solution in my past life. In on of my past life I was a lady.  It was a wonderful experience. At that time I did not remember any thing about the session. Second time I went to one historical event in Raamayana. I was one of the member in Lord Hanuman vaanara team. I was very excited. This time I took session for my business life and healing. I got solution for my business life and I was healed completed. My nerves in my head and near eyes got healed.  I used to smoke. So black was there in my lungs. My lungs got healed.The black is completely removed. My heart was week. It got healed. I didn’t know that I have 2 stones in my Kidneys. They were completely melted. And my higher self said I will get a spinal cord problem in future. Then Ravikanthh garu asked to heal it immediately not to get that problem. They fixed the spinal cord now not to come future problem. It was amazing.  I have memory loss also. My higher self said it was due to heavy usage of the medicines.And they fixed my memory loss problem also. At a time I got solution for all of my health problems in only one session. Almost 7 big problems got cured in only one session without any pain. Lot of time got saved to me. Thank you Ravikanthh garu


I am 40 years old. I participated in group questioning session with Ravikanth garu team. In this one person ready to go to trance stage and 8 or 9 people were waiting to talk with his subconcious. After one past life subconcious came and agree to talk with us. We all asking questions one by one. I very much impressed in that session. Subconcious gave solutions to each and every one including me. They said with the names and places. They said the past life karma and present solution to get rid off from that karma. Finially this sessions are very powerful. We all are very lucky to know this type of process to get the solutions to the present life.